Saturday, August 27, 2011

Late nights on the web

This is just a short post to document some interesting links. I recently posted about getting matplotlib installed with minimum fuss on OS X Lion, and this seems to have helped quite a few folks.

The person who showed me how to do this is named Rui Carmo, and I finally found the time to begin browsing through his extensive site; he has lots of good stuff about Macs and other technology (like here).

Perhaps the most interesting thing I found is what appears to be a very high quality company called Linode, offering Linux Virtual Servers in the cloud, their docs include an extensive library related to the topic. I'm thinking seriously about trying it (it only costs just a bit more than the NY Times).

And the final result (of browsing the web on a sleepless night) is to note the profusion of different sites connected to Stack Overflow, including serverfault and superuser. Very rewarding to browse through Q & A, and of course, when I have a question of my own.

One more thing: a pdf form-filler link that is not Adobe. One of the sites I use for work has Adobe forms on it that I can only read through Safari if I have Reader installed as the default pdf viewer. Maybe it will help with this, since I loathe Adobe.