Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Web applications

I'm still here.  After 10 years on blogger, I don't post much any more for a simple reason:  I don't know what will happen to this content in another 10 or 20 years.  Probably I won't care.

But if I am here and I do care, I know I can find my more recent efforts in my Github repo (all of it is public), or hard disk backups.  I'm sure you can figure out how to find me on github (hint:  same username).

In the process of using git and github, I have become a big fan of markdown.  I use the open-source MacDown editor.  The other writing software I use is LaTeX for math.

I'm trying to improve my understanding of all things Python, macOS, CompSci, crypto and the web.  I have a lot more time for this stuff since I've retired.  I recently switched to Python 3.

For the past week or so I've been working on Flask, creating web applications, and testing some of them in the cloud, on a free Heroku account.  It's a blast.  There is a lot of good information out there, I have been doing this wonderful tutorial this morning.

One other thing, I finished proofreading my book on multivariable calculus.  (It's at github in Tex/calculus_book).

It is light, agile, and covers a lot of ground with many practical examples. There is a convenient pdf.  If you find an error please let me know.