Monday, December 13, 2010

What are the odds?

In its breathless way, the New York Times reports today that it is shocked, shocked, at the controversy surrounding the report of arsenic replacing phosphorus in a bacterium (original NYT article; paper's PMID 21127214). (Read the commentary if you don't think the editors were fooled). I saw the original story and thought, "life is too short to worry about this kind of bullsh*t."

My favorite sentence in the original article was:
"Then Felisa found them!" said Dr. Davies

And I was all excited for a while until I read that
Dr. Joyce, however, said that the experimenters had yet to provide a “smoking gun” that there was arsenic in the backbone of working DNA.

And I thought, WTF!

What has become of Science?
I'm very happy to see that my friend (does she remember me?) Rosie Redfield is all over it (here). Go get 'em.