Friday, December 17, 2010

Color Sudoku 0.1

I wrote a new version of Color Sudoku (version 0.1) using PyObjC and XCode. To remove a small square, click it. To choose a small square as the correct one, used CTL-click.

It should run on Snow Leopard. It's not that well tested, but works OK for me. The window size is locked.

It can load a puzzle from a (.txt) file in the format:


The data can be on multiple lines. It just picks the first 81 charcters in the set { '0'..'9' + '.' }. If there aren't 81, it bails. There is a function that "cleans up" the puzzle upon first loading. It finds all the small squares that are in conflict with a square that is determined in the puzzle, and removes them. I haven't yet provided a way to turn this off, but I doubt you would want to.

There is a 'Go back' button (and CMD-Z works as well).

There are many stored puzzles. Have fun! Let me know if you break it (and how). Zipped XCode project files and build version of the app are on Dropbox (here).