Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What makes me mad

So, what I want to say is that the only thing that makes me angrier than incompetence is malevolence. Except I'm not sure that's true. I'll probably think of something later. DRM is an example of malevolence. Here is an example of incompetence.

In an earlier post which references Stan Ulam, I linked to a picture on the web. In re-reading the post, I click to find that the link is dead. More precisely, it links to this idiocy. I'd provide the link but it might change tomorrow :).

We're sorry, but we couldn't be f*cking bothered to make the old links point to our new site.
This is simply, incompetence. And I know about this first-hand, I deal with our IT guys who couldn't find their *** with a flashlight, a pair of tweezers and a map. But they also make like 18K a year and, maybe, there is a connection.

Actually, it could be malevolence. It is possible that their lawyers said, you know, what is up on the web might someday be valuable. Do you want to throw that opportunity away? Think, this guy:

The point is that it is important to minimize dead links on the web. For much the same reason as we should minimize the amount of space junk in orbit around the earth.

If you run a site, it is not that hard to make sure that you do not increase the entropy in the Internet. Or maybe some reader will enlighten me. I believe it is not hard.

Above is what I have for the pic, it's low-res. Maybe you can find a better one by looking around.

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