Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heat Mapper rises from the ashes (2)

Here is the latest incarnation of HeatMapper. When I installed Snow Leopard almost two months ago the previous version, written using PyObjC, didn't work any more. I took Bill Bumgarner's advice and have been practicing to speak Cocoa and Objective-C since then.

The app makes heat maps, such as what you might find in R. It has an inspector window that allows customization of colors. The standard ones:

Here are topo colors:

For reasons that escape me, it was not written as a document-based application. But it does allow saving of UserPrefs. It also has some stuff that is probably only useful to me. It will color the row names according to a dictionary, but I haven't yet generalized this to allow the User to specify her/his own values. It can load csv data from a file.

This is the app I think is most functional and I would really appreciate any feedback. As before, the source and the app (64-bit for Snow Leopard) is on my download page hosted at .mac. If you want a different build, or whatever, just let me know. You can get a hold of me here.

[UPDATE: The app seems broken (1.4 years later). That says more about my lack of comprehensive testing than anything else, I guess. Sorry. There is a link in comments about how to use R for this purpose, and I've posted about it too. For my part, now that I have matplotlib, I use that now. When I get time I'll look into this. ]


moose56 said...

Hi Tom,

There seems to be a problem with downloading the files.

telliott99 said...

Thank you. It's fixed now.

Gireesh said...

Hi Tom
I just found your blog by random googling.
I thin I fell in love with your blog. Keep up the good work!
Anyways I try to use HeatMapper2 MAC-App . But it is quitting before it opens ? Seems some bug is there?

telliott99 said...

Hi Gireesh,

Thanks for reading.

Yep, the version I had up did crash. I didn't notice it b/c the app crash only occurs if it's been copied out of the build folder.

I could not find the source of the problem, but it went away while I was trying various things. I rebuilt the app with gc enabled and replaced the files. It may work---no guarantees

Lately I've been using matplotlib for everything, and I wrote a new heat mapper in straight Python. Part of it is at the link below (and I'll try to post about the project when I get a chance).


bogu said...

Thanx man. Now I can download the App successfully but I can not upload any files?

I looked your new 2D heatmap. Look's nice but couldn't figure out how it is better from other heatmaps. I usually create heatmaps using ggplot http://flowingdata.com/2010/01/21/how-to-make-a-heatmap-a-quick-and-easy-solution/

telliott99 said...

Sorry about that. See the update at the end of the post.