Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bindings: multiple controllers (2)

The first post in this segment is here. Now the fun part. To begin with, hook up bindings for a table view. This is quite like what we did before. Drag an array controller out onto the nib, rename it something like "Combatant Controller". Drag out a table view onto the window. Now hook up two bindings:

Combatant controller
• Controller Content => AppDelegate => => combatantL

Table Column
• Value => Combatant controller => arrangedObjects => name

Here is a screenshot of the second one.

Just for fun, hook up a third binding for the window's title. It is connected to the Combatant Controller but the Controller key is different. The window's title will change to reflect the currently selected combatant.

• Title => Combatant controller => selection => name

Build and run, and it should look like the screenshot:

The second stage is to add a PopUp button. Drag one out onto the window. Also drag a second array controller onto the nib. Rename it something like Weapon Controller. Hook up the bindings. The first one makes perfect sense:

Weapon controller
• Content Array => Combatant controller => selection => weaponList

• Content => Weapon controller => arrangedObjects =>

• SelectedObject => Combatant controller => selection => selectedWeapon

Here is a screenshot:

The PopUp's value changes with the selected row in the table view. However, there is something wrong with it that I haven't been able to figure out. The PopUp button does not list the alternative weapons as it should. I'm not sure why yet.

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