Saturday, December 12, 2009

Links and lists

I got sucked into Project Euler for a while. I was even in the top 1000 (for about a week). Not bragging or anything…

But the problems got too speed-oriented, and I haven't been back in about 2 years. In that spirit (the top 1000 spirit), when I google "python bioinformatics", there is a link to this blog at # 22.


Sorry. I watched Full Metal Jacket the other night.

That's not good enough, people.

Still, the guy with the top link wrote a book. Unfortunately, he gave up on the blog. Here is an moderately interesting post about the end of things. Love the graphic.

Here is a poster at # 4. He likes PyCogent. Unfortunately, he works for a company who want to commercialize phylogenetics software. Not crazy about that.

Do you know anybody I can suck up to avoid the prospect of these words vanishing into the ether? Oh...right, they're gone! Except for Google Data.