Saturday, April 7, 2012

Interesting programming links

A collection of links to tutorials, blog posts and software that look interesting, which I hope to explore soon:

  • Wikibooks: Reverse Engineering/Mac OS X
  • Reverse Engineering Mac OS X
  • Learn Python The Hard Way
  • Learn C The Hard Way
  • Apple docs on shell scripting
  • Everything Sysadmin
  • pymacadmin
  • Hetland: Instant Hacking
  • Hetland: Python Algorithms
  • Beazley: Generator Tricks
  • tcpdump primer
  • Little Snitch
  • MachOViewer
  • Commands to change a large number of OS X defaults.
  • mosh---ssh replacement

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    Sasuga said...

    Thank you for these links. The most important is that all these materials are free, including Hetland's books (God Blesses Google search).