Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sal Khan rocks

I'm always the last person to learn about cool new stuff, so when I say I was scouting around on the web today and ran into Sal Khan and his Khanacademy, I expect you will say, I know about him already. I mean, it's 10,000,000 downloads and counting, or something.

If you don't know, the site consists of a very large number of videos on math, science, economics and a few other topics (here). Since Sal's been interviewed a lot, if I still watched PBS reliably, I would've known about him already. But I decided a while ago to watch as little TV as possible.

Several things to say about the material:

(1) the scope is incredible
(2) the depth is also incredible
(3) the quality is excellent

I'm using it to flesh out what I'm getting from Gil Strang on Linear Algebra.

He also seems to be a really nice guy. Check it out!