Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bioinformatics textbooks

I just did a search on Amazon in books for Bioinformatics and sorted by Bestselling. Among the first page of hits are only two that are remotely relevant (and the first of these is Michael Behe's Darwin's Black Box!). Sorting by Relevance seems to work better.

#1 is Bioinformatics For Dummies
#2 is Xiong, Essential Bioinformatics
#3 is a book by Pevzner
#4 and #5 are the Tisdall books on Perl, etc.
#6 is Mount
#9 is Statistical Methods In Bioinformatics
#11 is Gentleman et al., Bioconductor

So, there are a number of books I recognize and six that I own (Dummies, Tisdall 1 & 2, Mount, Ewen and Gentleman) but not one I would recommend as a Bioinformatics textbook. Xiong looks possible, but quite simple, and I haven't bought it yet. Mount covers the right topics, and was there very early, but can't stop from using 12 words when 3 will do. I studied him as (I hear) one studies the Talmud. There is no way I could recommend it.

The books I have and like very much are:

Higgs & Attwood
Deonier, Computational Genome Analysis
Introduction to Computational Genomics
and (not really Bioinformatics):
Inferring Pylogenies
Hall, Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy