Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update for HeatMapper

When I posted my recent projects, I put up a link to an application called HeatMapper2 (blog, download page). I should have looked it over more carefully first. There is a revised version of the project files up now at the same link.

This was the first Cocoa project I wrote in a new phase starting in September. Among other howlers, the original version shows a confusion between class and instance variables, which doesn't matter much for a non-document app, but aesthetically it grates, just the same. There was also a lot of duct tape in the program, necessitated by resources going away for reasons I didn't understand. Using @property and @synthesize and the maxim DRY, that is fixed now, I think. Please let me know about any bugs you find. I know, it still isn't really MVC code. The view class is also a controller.

The current version has a cheap version of customization. Known column names are colored according to the user's preference. These preferences are saved in the bundle in "textColors.txt." This file has the format:

categoryName1 colorKey1
categoryName2 colorKey2



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